Networking is a necessary skill in today's business environment !  business culture is ever changing ,chaotic and complex  in it's very nature , as a result there is a lot of work pressure among all levels in any organisation - to grow, increase market size, develop leads or start operations international........ there is a lot of competition out there !!
Dealing with all these needs knowledge, professionals need to know everything than can about how things are working and how change is going to happen within the organisation and also about the external factors (customers, market, govt, economy, competition ). 
BUSINESS NETWORKING IS A COMMON SOLUTION to plug all knowledge gaps. Developing a active communication channel to build professional relationships, get insights on trending issues, generate lead, obtain professional trust worthy opinions from real business relations or sometimes even request help to get things done. Such activities can tap personal connections to further grow, promote your business or personal success. all these constitutes what we call "business network development" or simply "business networking". 
Do not confuse business network with social network, a contact on social network cannot be counted on to reply your business mails or help you with certain job related issues. social network is not a substitute of  business network & vice-versa.


  • WHO SHOULD BE IN MY NETWORK :  ask yourself, who can help me. who is a critical link to information channel. Your boss can help you connect to relevant people.  Attend events & conferences. setting up meetings or an introductory phone call.  both internal and external contacts are necessary for a strong business network.
  • BE COURAGEOUS TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF :  Individuals fear that they might get rejected if they try to connect to another or a group of professionals. most people in the business environment will be more responsive to your efforts than you think. Fear is the very nature of human, experienced entrepreneurs understands that this fear is largely baseless. 
  • ASKING FOR HELP : asking for help doesn't come naturally to everyone, for those who think asking for help makes them unimportant if  they don't ask contacts for help they will no get the information they need. developing a habit of asking for help from network is a success mantra & professional growth. (SKILL * TIME = MONEY)
  • BE PURPOSEFUL : Business networking is effective if its a two-way trade. asking for help in the network is important but be ready to actively help people in your network as needed.

*please feel free to comment about this article. You can also tell us: how do you build your network?  more business related articles to come soon. 


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